Collection: Bathroom interior

At ByChrillesen, we have a wide selection of stylish and delicious bathroom interiors of high quality, which fit perfectly into the modern home. The range offers beautiful soap containers, cotton swab holders and small jars, which combine the aesthetic with the functional. Although they have a practical purpose, they can also be used as decoration.

Sustainable interior for the bathroom

All our bathroom interiors are made by hand in Jesmonite, which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Regardless of which type of bathroom accessories you choose, you will not find one product that is the same. All have small variations that make them completely unique, and this helps to give them a personal touch and a charm that characterizes our products.

We place great emphasis on color and design, and our passion shines through in every single detail. Each product is completely its own, and you can choose from all kinds of colors and different patterns, which are guaranteed to raise the decor to new heights. They are beautiful on their own, but you can also combine them for a completely new expression.

Are you looking for a color or a pattern that you cannot find in our selection of home interiors ? Then we can always adapt our bathroom interior to your preferences and wishes. You are welcome to contact us so that we can tailor a product that fits exactly your bathroom, your interior design style and your personality.

Soap containers for the bathroom

Something as ordinary as a soap dish doesn't necessarily have to be either boring or uninspiring. Our soap containers are clear proof of this. Made from Jesmonite, they are a beautiful and practical addition to any bathroom. The perfect choice if you want to give the interior a personal touch with a touch of well-being.

The soap holders are designed with three holes so that the excess water can easily drain away. They are also surface-treated with beeswax, which protects against water and soap residue. That way, your new soap holder will stay beautiful for a long time, even if you use it every day. A unique choice that you will continue to delight in every time you wash your hands.

The different soap containers are made by hand, so you are sure that you will get a unique model that has been created with both care and an eye for the small, characteristic details. It is the small details that make the big difference - and this also applies to your interior design. Explore the selection and let yourself be inspired by the many beautiful designs.

Small jars with lids

If you are looking for a beautiful and practical way to store your small items in the bathroom, our handmade jars with lids are the perfect choice. With its spacious size, this jar is made for storage in a beautiful and unique way. At the same time, you avoid them making a mess on the table, shelf or where you usually keep them.

As always, each jar is created with small details that make them 100% unique. We use low-energy production to create our bathroom interior, and all jars are therefore produced responsibly and with respect for the environment - and they are of course designed to last for many years without being boring and sad to look at.

The best thing about our jars with lids is that they have so many different uses. Use them to store earrings, make-up, cotton pads or other small things you want to organize in a beautiful and practical way. The jars are available in many beautiful colours, which create a beautiful contrast to the rest of the bathroom interior.

You can advantageously combine several jars in different colors and patterns if you want to create a uniform, yet exciting interior style that stands out. The possibilities are many, and it is actually only the imagination that sets the limits. The perfect bathroom interior for the modern bathroom that exudes personality and charm.

Small cotton swab holders

If you want to add a cute and practical detail to your bathroom, our handmade cotton swab holder is the perfect solution. The holder is designed so that it fits cotton swabs perfectly, but you can of course also use it to store other small things that are nice to have at hand when you pay the bathroom a visit.

With its unique design and practical size, the cotton swab holder is a beautiful and functional addition to any bathroom. You can choose from many different colours, and there is guaranteed to be one that fits both your bathroom and your personal style perfectly – and they also match our other bathroom interiors.

At ByChrillesen, we believe that quality is paramount. We design our bathroom interiors with unique details that combine durability with aesthetics. All of our bathroom interiors are designed to last for daily use, without you having to compromise on either quality or beauty.