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Collection: Block light

At MADE ByChrillesen, we offer hand-dipped candles in many shades - and block candles are no exception. On this subpage you can just experience our completely unique selection of block lights. The thick candles are available in many beautiful colors, so we believe and hope that there is also a candle to your liking.

Colorful block lights for your round tray

If you are looking for colorful block lights for the home, then you have landed on the right page. We offer an interesting selection of block lights in a world of charming and fine color combinations. Whatever you are for the purple, pink or bluish shades, we have the right block light for you and your home.

Our block candles create lots of warmth and presence in themselves, but if you want to add the finishing touch, you can buy some of our smaller trays . These trays fit perfectly with our block lights.

Large block candles in hand-dipped wax

With our block candles you get large candles with a long burning time. You can thus enjoy an evening and night in the company of your loved ones without having to worry about having to change the candles out during the evening.

All block candles are hand dipped in colored wax. You can thus know for sure that you are getting a candle made with love. Furthermore, it is your assurance that you will get a unique block light.

Create a personal atmosphere with our block light

Block lights can help make the home more personal and cozy, and for that reason alone you should use block lights for both everyday and party.

Whatever you feel like spending the evening on the couch, whether you want to enjoy a good dinner with your better half, or whether you want to spend Sunday in your bathtub, block candles can help set the perfect mood.