Collection: Children's room interior

Do you want to create an inspiring, lively and cozy children's room? Then it is important that you choose the children's room interior carefully. In the selection on this page, you will find different shapes and trays in beautiful colors filled with exciting details.

Sky trays for storage

A children's room must exude creativity, and this places demands on both decor and interior design. Children's room interior should be both decorative and functional, and that is exactly what our little cloud trays are. Beautiful and functional. Just like all the other home interiors you'll find on this site, the trays are manufactured, cast and sanded by hand, which means they're all completely unique.

The tray itself is shaped like a small, fine cloud filled with cute details. You can use it to store small trinkets on the children's desk, but it is also suitable for storing everything from hair elastics and clips to drawing utensils and everything else that doesn't quite have a place elsewhere in the children's room.

The trays are made from Jesmonite, which is both a sustainable and environmentally friendly casting material. It is water-based and solvent-free, making it suitable for children's room interiors. The material is impact-resistant, and it can therefore retain its good looks for many years, even if it smokes on the floor or is treated a bit harshly.

Stars for decoration in the children's room

Children's room interior should not only be functional, but also inspiring and imaginative. In fact, it doesn't have to have a function at all, if it simply contributes to creating a magical and adventurous atmosphere that can awaken the child's imagination and creativity. This is exactly the function our fine stars have.

You can choose from several different colors and patterns, but what they have in common is that they nicely decorate the bookcase in the children's room. You can combine them with our beautiful rainbows or clouds if you want to create an even more dreamy and imaginative atmosphere, which helps to complete the room and make it personal.

It is important to remember that the children's room must first and foremost be a place that stimulates the children's imagination and curiosity. It is therefore about choosing children's room interior which has this characteristic - even if it is only for decoration. Decorative objects also have an important function in the children's room.

Rainbows for bookends

Is your child crazy about books? So use our big, beautiful rainbow as a bookend so you can organize the books in a smart and adventurous way. However, no one says that this is necessarily what it should be used for. You can use it for exactly what you want. Regardless of the purpose, it forms a decorative and imaginative element in the room.

You can e.g. combine it with one or more of the other cute figures that you will find in the selection above. You can choose between several different colors and patterns and in this way create just the right atmosphere. The figures are suitable for both boys' and girls' rooms, and there is guaranteed to be one that fits your child's room as well.

All figurines and children's room interior from MADE ByChrillesen are made by hand. If you are looking for a color or pattern that you do not find in the selection, you are always welcome to contact us. In most cases, we can accommodate your wishes so that you get exactly the color or pattern that you want.

We manufacture all children's room interior ourselves, which means that we can adapt it to suit your child. The products are environmentally friendly, sustainable and resistant to wear and tear, so they are perfectly suited when you need to furnish an imaginative, cozy and functional children's room that suits your child.