Collection: Home interior

Creating a cozy and idyllic atmosphere in the home requires more than the right colors on the walls and the right furniture. It also requires home interiors that match your style and create exactly the ambiance that you want your home to sum up.

Exactly home interiors, in beautiful colors and shapes, can add the finishing touch to your interior design, and ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you are just interested in making your home more cozy and personal, then you have come to the right place. We carry a wide selection of unique home interiors, and we have gathered all the products right here.

Unique selection of handmade home interiors

At MADE ByChrillesen you can not buy mass-produced home interiors. In return, you can buy handmade home interiors in many shades. If you want exactly the same interior as your neighbor or colleague, we can not be helpful, but if you strive for the unique and personal, then we are the perfect match.

We are proud to offer a completely unique selection of home interiors - well, handmade home interiors. The products range widely, but you can in any case be sure that a lot of love has been put into the given home interior, whether it is home interior for serving, decoration or something completely third. All products from our range are designed, developed and produced in Denmark. The products include trays , candlesticks, large trays , table protectors, lamps and much more.

Home interior for serving

In our large selection of home interiors you will find i.a. a wide range of home interiors for serving. The products from this category are dedicated to you who want the opportunity to serve food, snacks and miscellaneous in style. Among other things, we can offer serving trays in a variety of sizes and colors. Like our other home interiors, you can rest assured that you get a 100% unique serving tray.

In addition to beautiful serving trays, we also design and produce practical and decorative table protectors . These table protectors work well for everyday use, but can also be used for more special occasions when guests arrive.

Home interior for decoration

Home interiors can be extremely practical, just as they can be decorative (in some cases they are both decorative and practical).

Are you looking for home interior decoration? Then you will definitely find the selection from our own brand MADE ByChrillesen interesting. Among other things, we can recommend you dive into our range of vases, candlesticks and candles . Such products can really help to make the home more decorative and cozy.

Living room interior for bathroom and bedroom

Of course, we also carry a wide selection of handmade interiors for the bathroom and bedroom - and this selection should not deceive yourself to take a closer look. For the bathroom and the bedroom we can, among other things. offer lamps, decorative trays, seashells and much more. This home accessory is not only practical but also decorative.

In the bathroom you can e.g. use our mussel bowls to store jewelry, hairpins or something completely third. The possibilities are many. In the bedroom you will be able to increase the cosiness extra with our beautiful and unique lamps, which e.g. can be used on the bedside table.