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Collection: Scented candles

Scented candles are amazing. These candles are not only able to create a cozy atmosphere, but also to refresh the atmosphere in the home and pamper your sense of smell. If you are also looking for decorative and fragrant candles, take a closer look at our selection of scented candles.

Sensual scented candles for the home

On this page you will find our unique selection of scented candles made from natural soy wax. All scented candles have a wooden wick that is distinguished by secreting fewer particles in the home than traditional candles. This is a plus in terms of maintaining a healthy indoor climate.

The sensual scented candles are suitable for many occasions. You can not only use the scented candles when you need to enjoy a Friday night in your own company, but also when you need guests to visit and want to make an extra good impression. Scented candles are, with their cozy glow and amazing scent, almost completely seductive.

Scented candles made from natural soy wax

At MADE ByChrillesen, we never compromise on the quality of our candles , nor do we when it comes to scented candles. That is why our scented candles, as previously mentioned, are made from natural soy wax. If you share our high quality requirements, you will in all probability like our scented candles.

Click on the individual product pages to become wiser about factors such as size and burning time.

Create a fragrant atmosphere with our scented candles

Of course, a fragrant atmosphere can be created in more ways than one. It can i.a. created with scented sticks and scented oil, but there is still something special about scented candles. Here you get an element that activates several senses. The scented candles please your eyes, just as the fantastic scent that meets your nostrils will get you in the right mood.

We offer i.a. scented candles that smell of mandarin spiced with chili and freshly laundered linens. Get to know the different (scent) varieties on this page, and also remember that we also sell round trays , which complement the scented candles to perfection.