Collection: Chandelier

Chandeliers - or also known as candlesticks - are a popular choice when it comes to candlelight. Chandeliers can not only contribute to the romance, but also to the coziness of any occasion. Therefore, these candles are indispensable for both everyday and party. Below you can experience our unique selection of hand-dipped chandeliers.

Stylish chandeliers for your candlestick

Candles and candlesticks are like yin & yang - it just works best together. At MADE ByChrillesen, we manufacture and sell both chandeliers and candlesticks , so you can be sure that the elements fit together in style.

Our chandelier typically measures 20, 25 or 30 cm. in height, which is why the candles are enough for many hours of cosiness in the home. In our range you will find both single-colored as well as multi-colored chandeliers in a lot of beautiful colors. Dive into the selection and find your favorite.

Candlestick in hand-dipped wax

We do not sell only chandeliers. We also sell candlesticks dipped in colored wax and made with love.

Despite the sheer amount of love put into each candlestick, you can buy the candles at extremely competitive prices. We do not believe that it should be expensive to create cosiness in the home. If you are more into block candles or scented candles , please note that we also sell this type of candle .

Create a unique atmosphere with our chandelier

Many initiatives can be brought into play in the home when creating a mood. There can be e.g. used music, dimmable lighting and much more, but nothing can create mood like candles, including chandeliers. Chandeliers create a cozy and idyllic light in the room that will make anyone get completely down to gear.

Our chandeliers (and candlesticks) can be used in many places in the home. They fit really well with the dinner table, but can also look good on the bedside table, in the bathroom or on the terrace on a warm summer evening. The possibilities are many, and there is therefore every good reason to buy some chandeliers for the home.