Collection: Lamps

At MADE ByChrillesen, we carry a small, but unique and attractive, selection of lamps for the home. Our selection consists exclusively of handmade lamps with fabric cord and porcelain socket. The lamps are as decorative as they are practical, and then there is the advantage of the lamps that they can be used in many places in the home.

Our handmade lamps will i.a. work great on the bedside table or as a nice table lamp in the cozy corner. The lamps offer an elegant and timeless look, which means that you will be able to use the lamps in the home, even if you change your other interior design.

Exclusive lamps in a unique design

There are lamps that are produced in thousands of identical copies, and then there are unique lamps. The latter - lamps in unique designs - is exactly what we can offer. Since all the lamps are handmade by us, one thing will always be certain; you do not have a friend, colleague or sister who has an identical lamp.

At ByChrillesen, we have the pleasure of offering exclusive lamps in a unique design. You can e.g. order a unique lamp with marble or terrazzo look if one of these styles matches your style. Regardless of your choice of lamp, you get a lamp with a fabric cord that can be plugged directly into the socket and thus be used immediately.

Lamps for the living room

Most people can nod in recognition that the living room is a very special space. The living room typically functions as the home's gathering place. Here there must not only be room to relax after a long day, but also to enjoy the company of the family. To set the right mood, it will be obvious to provide the living room with decorative lamps. For the coffee table and for the corner table in the living room, we can offer beautiful table lamps that create a cozy lighting and a homely atmosphere.

Lamps for bedroom

The bedroom is a space where you must have the opportunity to retire and be yourself. To meet this, it is a matter of creating the right atmosphere - i.a. through home accessories, including lamps.

Many of our lamps will work great for the bedroom. Our small table lamps can e.g. used on the bedside table or on the chest of drawers in the bedroom, where the table lamps can function decoratively and at the same time ensure practical and cozy lighting. You can also use a table lamp as a reading lamp in the bedroom if you enjoy reading a few chapters of your favorite book before bed.

Bathroom lamps

Spots in the ceiling are a sure winner in modern bathrooms, but if you want to create a little more cosiness and personality in the bathroom, take a closer look at our unique lamps. Our lamps can e.g. used on the bathroom furniture.

The lamps are available in many different color combinations, so there is ample opportunity to create life in a room that is typically very white and sterile in style. Our lamps can work alone in the interior, but can also be supplemented by other home interiors such as. slopes , large slopes and mussel bowls .