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Welcome to ByChrillesen
MADE ByChrillesen is our own brand, and are 100% handmade products. Each product is molded and ground by hand by us, and all products are developed and produced in Denmark. You can always contact us with specific requests.

Har du set vores no waste og 2. sortering?

Vi har næsten altid en masse billigt håndlavet interiør i vores no waste og 2. sortering, og der er altid hurtigt fragt på 1-2 dage!


What is Jesmonite?

Jesmonite is a two-component casting material that is water-based, non-toxic and solvent-free, making it extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable. Jesmonite is just now storming forward in Denmark - and in many other countries it is already a material that many designers and artists use. Jesmonite is for those who want an environmentally conscious alternative to traditional materials such as fibreglass, concrete, cement etc. If you want an interior that is sustainable, environmentally friendly and not least extremely durable, then you should choose our products which are all made of Jesmonite.