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Who are we?

Our story is based on chance and passion for color

Who are we

Team Chrillessen


Owner, shop & production


Owner, sales & marketing


Production and sales assistant


Production assistant

about us

Our history

Our adventure started in January 2021 on a hobby level. Here we sold interiors we had upcycled ourselves, mixed with sales of some of Denmark's leading brands. We love colors and are passionate about interior design and design, and we have lots of creative ideas, which is why in the summer of 2021 we started our own brand MADE ByChrillesen, which is 100% handmade. We accidentally came across the fantastic material that we use for our products, namely Jesmonite. It started a fantastic journey where we had to get to know the material, and just half a year later, in December 2021, we were some of the biggest and best in the Danish market within handmade interiors in Jesmonite. Today we are the first in Denmark to have a shop with only Jesmonite interiors.