What are the products made of?

They are made of Jesmonite, which is a two-component casting material consisting of a water-based acrylic polymer liquid and a mineral-based powder (gypsum). It's compact, strong and impact-resistant. Jesmonite is water-based and solvent-free, which means that it is extremely environmentally friendly and sustainable.

All products from MADE ByChrillesen are made by hand, cast in molds and then hand sanded. Therefore, there may be deviations in color and pattern, as well as small air bubbles and other imperfections. This is what makes our products completely unique.

Do your products contain animal ingredients?

No. All our products we have produced ourselves do not contain animal ingredients.

Is the material like ceramic?

No, it is made of Jesmonite, which is a casting material. Jesmonite is incredibly strong and impact-resistant, so it is not fragile like glass and ceramics. It also does not need to be in an oven to be burned. It hardens in the molds, which means it is produced in a very low-energy friendly way.

Can your products withstand being put in the dishwasher?

No, products made of jesmonite should not be put in the dishwasher, as you risk damaging the surface.

How do I clean and maintain the products?

The products can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Our products are protected against water and dirt, but we recommend that you wipe up large amounts of liquids and ensure that they do not soak in water. Avoid harsh detergents, but use ordinary soaps such as washing-up liquid.

Candles need to be blown out so they don't burn down completely and destroy the candlestick with soot, just like you would with other candlesticks. Do not scratch the candlestick to remove the wax, this should be done with a little warm water.

Can the products scratch surfaces?

No, the products are ground and there are no sharp edges. Larger products also come with rubber grommets for extra stability.

Can the products withstand water?

Our products are protected against water and dirt, but we recommend that you wipe up large amounts of liquids and ensure that they do not soak in water. If you spill coffee or other coloring liquid, we recommend that it be wiped up. You can use the hills as a base for e.g. soap pumps or the like. You can also easily wash off the products in soap and water.

The trays with gold and silver must not be used as a base for wet items.

Why can the delivery time vary?

It is difficult to always have everything in stock, both because we can risk overproduction, but also because we rarely manage to build up a stock. Therefore, it may be that the product you order must be made especially for you. We hope for your understanding and patience. In return, you get a unique product that is handmade here in Denmark. Our delivery time is between 2-7 working days.

Special orders may have a longer delivery time than usual.

Can products be made according to special requests?

YES. We love to make special orders. If you have a special wish for a specific color combination or something else, please contact us.

Do you have a shop?

We have a shop and studio in the Vestamager Centre. The address is Ugandavej 111, 2770 Kastrup