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A table protector generally has only one purpose; to spare the table from hot pans, pots, etc. In our opinion, however, table protectors must not only be practical but also decorative.

That's why we sell table protectors in beautiful designs, and then you can be happy that the table protector is completely unique, as it is made by hand. All our table protectors also get a protective layer that resists liquid and dirt.

We sell 100% handmade table protectors with unique details

A table is of course bought to be used, and over time it will naturally wear out, but you should of course make an effort to fit the table as well as possible. It is precisely on this occasion that the practical table protector comes into the picture. The table protector spares i.a. the table for burn marks from hot pots and for annular marks from beverages.

At MADE ByChrillesen, we have the pleasure of offering handmade home interiors , including handmade table protectors with unique details. The table protectors are different in look, and you will therefore not receive two table protectors that are exactly the same. A large part of our table protectors are also made of excess materials. You thus also do the environment a favor by buying our unique table protectors.

Table protector for the dining table and coffee table

If the hunt has begun for a table protector for the coffee table or dining table, then it will be obvious to explore our range. Our table protectors can be used for all tables, and dining tables and coffee tables are of course no exception.

In our selection you will find both smaller, round table protectors for glass as well as larger table protectors for pots, pans and dishes. With these table protectors, you can protect your table in an extremely elegant and decorative way. And if the table protectors get dirty, they can be easily and quickly cleaned with a damp cloth. A good complement to our table protectors are our large trays , where there is room for a little more than a cup of coffee.

Protect your table from marks from the hot pots and pans as well as marks from glass

Some tables are more delicate than others, but whether your table is a wooden table, granite table or something completely third, it is a good idea to make use of table protectors. The fewest tables can withstand being exposed to high heat from a hot pot or pan, just as the fewest tables react positively to liquid from glasses and cups.

Therefore, it is always an advantage to have some table protectors within reach. You can beat two birds with one stone by buying a table protector in a decorative design. With such a table protector, the table is spared, and at the same time you have something nice to look at.

Was it something with a table protector in marble or terrazzo?

As you know, our handmade table protectors, which are a good alternative to traditional heating tables, are available in many styles and colors. You can e.g. get your fingers in a terrazzo or marble table protector.

Both marble and terrazzo are classic materials that create lots of personality in the decor. Marble and terrazzo will fit well in most Nordic homes, and therefore we are convinced that our table protectors will also be able to look good in your home.