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Nogle bakker er fabriksfremstillede, mens andre bakker er håndlavede og unikke. Hos ByChrillesen designer og fremstiller vi selv alle vores dekorationsbakker i mange forskellige designs, hvorfor vi kan garantere dig en unik dekorationsbakke i høj kvalitet.

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Dekorationsbakke - Knuste skaller fra RømøDekorationsbakke - Knuste skaller fra Rømø
Decoration tray - Pink with blue terrazzoDecoration tray - Pink with blue terrazzo
Sold outDecoration tray - With terrazzoDecoration tray - With terrazzo
Decoration tray - With "marble"Decoration tray - With "marble"
Decoration tray - With terrazzoDecoration tray - With terrazzo
Decoration tray - With terrazzoDecoration tray - With terrazzo
Decoration tray - With terrazzoDecoration tray - With terrazzo
Decoration tray - With "marble"Decoration tray - With "marble"
Decoration tray - With "marble"Decoration tray - With "marble"
Decoration tray - With "marble"Decoration tray - With "marble"
Decoration tray - With "marble"Decoration tray - With "marble"
Decoration tray - With "marble"Decoration tray - With "marble"
Decoration tray - With "marble"Decoration tray - With "marble"
Decoration tray - With "marble"Decoration tray - With "marble"
Decoration tray - Pink with goldDecoration tray - Pink with gold
Sold outLarge decorative tray - late summer terrazzoLarge decorative tray - late summer terrazzo
Large Decoration Tray - With terrazzoDekorationsbakke - Rustik terrazzo (7328268157122)
Large Decoration Tray - With terrazzoStor Dekorationsbakke - Klassisk pastel terrazzo (7254232203458)
Large Decoration Tray - White & black / gray marbleStor Dekorationsbakke - Hvid & sort/grå marmor (7254234595522)
Large Decoration Tray - With terrazzoStor Dekorationsbakke - Beige med guld (7556694868162)
Large Decoration Tray - With terrazzoStor Dekorationsbakke - Terracotta marmor (7556696441026)
Large Decoration tray - Green marbleLarge Decoration tray - Green marble
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Decoration trays

Beautiful decoration trays for every occasion

Our large selection of home accessories consists not only of decorative trays, but also of classic serving trays, decorative trays, marble trays, round and oval trays, etc. Whether you are into decorative trays with a marble look, or are into trays with a more raw and rustic look, we have just the right tray you are looking for.

Home interior ByChrillesen offers a number of distinctive details, and since all trays are handmade, we guarantee that no two decorative trays are alike in their decorations.

As can be seen from the products, there are many of the trays sold in many different materials, colors and for many purposes. Whatever color it is, therefore, green, pink or white, that will fit best in the living room or on the terrace, we can deliver the perfect decorative tray for you.

Round trays for serving

Our selection consists of serving trays in various sizes. These trays are for you who want to serve morning coffee, snacks and drinks to your guests in a stylish way.

If it is a serving tray you are looking for, then we highly recommend you take a closer look at our round trays with many options. These work well as serving trays, but can also be used for furnishing and decoration, e.g. for candles , beautiful figures, candlesticks for crown candles , small vases or pot shelters .

The serving trays can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and ordinary washing-up liquid.

Decorative trays for storage

Nice trays can not only be highly decorative, but they can also be practical. Some of the trays can be used for storing decorative items. The only limit to what you can store in a tray is your imagination. It could, for example, be spices, fruit and much more in the kitchen.

Are they small trays for storing smaller things such as jewelery on the bedside table, then our beautiful seashell bowls are an ideal solution. Decorative trays for storage are a good buy if you want to create a more organized look in the interior.

Decorative trays for bathroom and bedroom

Our decorative trays can be used in all rooms, but it is a reality that many of the trays are particularly suitable for use in the bedroom or the bathroom.

In the bathroom you can e.g. use one of our practical decorative trays to keep your perfumes or make-up brushes organized. Of course, you can also simply use the tray decoratively - set the finishing touch by placing a scented candle or block candle on your beautiful tray.

Of course, we also sell unique trays for the bedroom. It will especially be the small and medium-sized trays that fit well in this room. For example, it is obvious to have a tray standing on the bedside table that can be used to keep glasses, telephone, jewelery or contact lenses in order when it is time to go to bed.

Decorative trays work wonders in the modern home

It is relevant to emphasize that it is not just a hill. It is a decorative tray which is both handmade and completely unique. So this product is not made in the factory, where it is mass-produced, but it is genuine and sincere craftsmanship.

A decoration tray is of course most suitable for placing decorations and decorations in them. However, it is ultimately up to the individual what you want to put in the tray and what its primary purpose should be.

The large selection of unique decoration trays

There is a large selection when you look at the decoration trays on this page. Therefore, you must be aware that they can of course be used for several occasions. Therefore, it would be a good idea if you find out in advance what kind of tray you are actually looking for, so that you can more easily find the perfect product for your needs.

The decorative trays are so neat, so you can actually have several different ones in the rooms of your house. It is not only in a specific room where you can benefit from the beautiful hills. There is attention to detail in the product, which is why it is so popular for many to have in their home, just to give the final touch to the look and atmosphere.

The decorative tray is preferred by many

It is of course in the name that a decorative tray is relevant for having decorations and other forms of decoration in it. They are most often used in the bedroom or bathroom. In the bathroom, it is obvious that the tray has a more practical purpose. It can be for storing perfumes or other small things that you would like to have in a specific place in the bathroom. The icing on the cake in the bathroom could also be a scented candle or block candle, to create the perfect atmosphere.

In the bedroom, the tray will often be well placed on the bedside table. It will be possible to place objects and jewelry in. This could be rings, earrings, glasses or a mobile phone. This of course means that the decorative tray in the bedroom will have a very relevant role.

The good and beautiful product is what brings joy to the customer

A product as completely unique as this one will always be noticed. However, it is also about the fact that if it is handmade, it just adds a little extra quality. This means that you will not find a true copy of the product that you have.

The good service is what we as a company add so that we can make sure that you get the best treatment. The good treatment by the customer is what makes you want to return. Another outcome is often also that they speak positively about the treatment they have received, which acquaintances will then listen to, and then be possible future customers. Ultimately, all of that stems from the fact that good service is delivered from us.