Collection: Trays

A tray is not just a tray. Some trays are factory made and produced in thousands of copies, while other trays are handmade and unique.

At MADE ByChrillesen, we design, develop and produce all the trays you find in our range, which is why we can guarantee you a unique tray in high quality. Our selection consists not only of decorative trays, but also of serving trays, decorative trays, marble trays, round trays and much more.

Shop handmade trays for every occasion at MADE ByChrillesen

Whether you're for trays with a classic marble look, or if you prefer trays with a more raw and rustic look, we probably have exactly the tray you are looking for. Our handmade home interior offers a number of distinctive details, and since all trays are handmade, we guarantee that no two trays are alike. As can be seen from the products, many of the trays are sold in several colors. Whatever the color green, pink or white, that will fit best in your home and in your decor, we can deliver the perfect tray for you.


Trays for serving

Our selection of trays consists of i.a. of serving trays. These trays are intended for you who would like to serve morning coffee, snacks and drinks in a stylish and cozy way. If it is trays for serving that you are looking for, then we can highly recommend you to take a closer look at our large trays . These trays work really well as serving trays, but can also be used for decoration - e.g. for candles or plants. The trays can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and ordinary dishwashing detergent.


Trays for storage

Trays can not only be extremely decorative. They can also be quite practical. Some of the trays can be used for storage. In reality, it is only the imagination that sets the limits of what one can store. It could, for example. be spice jars, fruit and more. Are it trays for storing small things such as. jewelry on the bedside table, then our seashells are an ideal solution. A tray for storage is a good buy if you want to create a more organized look in the decor.


Trays for bathroom and bedroom

Our handmade trays can basically be used anywhere in the home, but it is a reality that many of the trays are particularly suitable for use in the bedroom or in the bathroom. In the bathroom you can e.g. use one of our decorative and practical trays to keep track of your perfumes or makeup. Of course, you can also just use the tray decoratively - set if necessary. the icing on the cake by placing a scented candle or scented sticks on the tray.

Of course we also sell unique trays for the bedroom. It will be especially the small and medium-sized trays that fit well into this space. For example, it is obvious to have a tray standing on the bedside table that can be used to keep glasses, telephone or contact lenses in order when it is bedtime. Again, however, it is also possible to simply use the tray to make the decor a little more personal and authentic. In this case, go for a decoration tray.