Collection: Candleholders

Candleholders are among the Danes' favorite home interiors - and with good reason. Candlesticks and associated candles can create a cozy and informal atmosphere in the home. This greatly invites coziness and togetherness, and the candlesticks help to create life and atmosphere in any room.

Do you also want to create a more cozy and homely atmosphere at home, and at the same time want to make your decor unique and personal? In that case, we can only encourage you to explore our handmade candlesticks - these candlesticks are 100% unique.

Candlesticks for all rooms in the home

Candlesticks do not only belong on the coffee table in the living room. Such home accessories can of course also be used in all other rooms in the home. At ByChrillesen, we probably have the right candlestick for you, whatever you are looking for a candlestick for the bathroom, bedroom, living room, office or entrance hall.

In our selection you will find candlesticks in many different sizes, colors and shapes. You will find both the classic candlesticks for one candle, just as you will find candlesticks for both two and three candles . The candlesticks can stand alone on e.g. the table or in the window sill, but they can also be mixed to achieve a more personal expression.


Candlesticks for block candles

Here on the page you can e.g. experience our selection of candlesticks for block candles. Block candles can create mood in any room, and then these candles have the advantage that they typically offer a long burning time. Therefore, it is obvious to buy both block candles and candlesticks that are suitable for such candles. This type of candlestick is known as a block candlestick.

We sell lots of unique block candles in decorative colors, so if you want block candles that complement your new candlestick, do not hesitate to take a closer look at our block candles. You can beat two birds with one stone by buying both at MADE ByChrillesen.


Candlesticks for chandeliers

If you are looking with candles and lanterns for candlesticks for chandeliers, you can end the hunt now. We design, manufacture and sell candlesticks for such candles.

Our chandelier candlesticks naturally match all our chandelier , which we sell in many color combinations. The tall and slender candles fit well in any window sill, on the bedside table, on the coffee table and many other places. There is virtually no place where such candlesticks will not fit, but if you want a slightly more pompous candlestick, then you can take a look at our block candlesticks.


Candlesticks for scented candles

AttChrillesen does not offer candlesticks for scented candles. In return, we offer round trays, that work as a perfect complement to your scented candles .


The decorative and fragrant candles - and associated round trays - fit i.a. excellent for the bathroom and living room. The candles not only act as decoration, but also help to activate the senses. If you are looking for other decorations for the home, remember that we also design and sell, among other things. pot holders , large hills and mussel bowls .