Collection: Seashells

Mussel shells are shaped like small bowls that can not only boast of being decorative, but also practical. The bowls are sold in a range of beautiful colors, so we definitely have a variant that matches your style and complements your interior design.

Should you be in doubt, we can tell you that all our seashells are made by hand - on an equal footing with all our other products on the webshop. For the following reason, you are guaranteed a unique seashell.

Mussel shell for decoration

Often it is the little things in the decor that make the big difference. One of the little things that can make a big difference is decorative seashells. With a handmade seashell, you have the opportunity to welcome nature inside, which will naturally contribute to the cosiness and the homely atmosphere.

Our seashells will look great anywhere in the home, so whatever you are looking for new decorative items for your window sills, shelves, dining table or something completely fourth, a seashell can be an excellent choice. You will find i.a. our seashells in adorable colors like pink, dusty green, delicate pink etc.

Mussel shell for storage

Mussel shells - or mussel bowls - are decorative, but they can actually be practical as well, as they can be used for storage. The most obvious is to use the mussel bowls for storing jewelry, but there are other options as well. The mussel bowls are relatively small, so it is mainly smaller things that can be stored. In addition to jewelry, it could be keys, coins, contact lenses, etc.

If you are looking for more storage space than what our seashells can offer, then you should take a look at our selection of trays or large trays . These trays are excellent for storage and organization.

Mussel shell for the bedroom

A well-functioning bedroom should radiate calm, coziness and charm, and it obviously requires the right decorative items. An offer on that occasion could be to buy one or more seashells for the bedroom, which e.g. could decorate on a bedside table or on a shelf. Then you can always decide whether you also want to use the seashell for storage, or whether it should only be for decoration.

Our mussel shells measure, unless otherwise stated, 10 cm. in diameter, which is why you will definitely be able to find room for a seashell or two in your bedroom.

Mussel shell for the bathroom

A seashell can not only create joy and coziness in the bedroom, but also in the bathroom. In the bathroom you will be able to use the seashell as a decorative item, but you can also use it for storing e.g. rings, cotton swabs, cotton pads or something completely different.

Whether your bathroom is of newer or older date, you will probably find that a seashell in one of the many beautiful colors that we offer will be able to create a completely different atmosphere. Not least, it can be a breath of fresh air for bathrooms that are very white and sterile in style. Dive into our range of handmade home interiors and find the perfect seashell for your bathroom today.