Collection: Large trays

At ByChrillesen, we offer a unique selection of decorative and practical trays, and large trays in beautiful colors are no exception. If it is a large tray for decoration and / or serving that you are looking for, then you have chosen to visit the right place.

All our large trays are both cast and sanded by hand. This way you are guaranteed a unique tray that none of the neighbors or friends like. Below you can take a closer look at our handmade trays, which are available in many beautiful color combinations. We are sure we have a tray to your liking.

Large trays in beautiful color combinations

In our range you will find i.a. large slopes with a diameter of between 26 and 30 cm. These trays can be used in a practical and decorative way in many different places in the home - e.g. on the dining table with a plant, on the kitchen table with fruits and vegetables or something completely third. It is only the imagination that sets the limits of how our unique trays can be used.

Our large trays stand out from the crowd on several different parameters. As you know, they are both hand-molded and hand-sanded, but also note that the trays offer unique color combinations. Among other things, we have trays with a color combination inspired by party and colors.


Large trays can serve many different purposes, but they can also be just for decoration. The trays we have highlighted on this page are excellent as decorative trays. They all offer an elegant design, beautiful colors and unique details. You can e.g. use our marble tray as decoration on the dining table with some beautiful candlesticks or similar. Our decorative trays will fit into any home, and since the quality is top notch, the decorative trays will be able to bring joy to the home for many years.

Serving trays

Our large hills are not just decorative. They can also be used for serving and thus also have a practical purpose. You can e.g. use a serving tray to serve cake for afternoon coffee, drinks Saturday night or breakfast Sunday morning.

You can advantageously choose one of our large trays if you are looking for a round tray that is suitable for serving. It is also the right choice if you want to buy a beautiful tray for spices or the like. And just calm down; if you spill liquid or food, you will be able to quickly and easily clean your serving tray with a damp cloth.

Large trays for bathroom and bedroom

At ByChrillesen, we sell large slopes for the whole home. In principle, you will be able to use the trays in both the office, the living room and everywhere else in the home for that matter. Therefore, it is no secret that we also offer large trays for the bathroom and the bedroom.

In the bathroom and the bedroom you can e.g. use our large trays to keep order in your jewelry, hair elastics, headphones or other little things. There is also ample opportunity to use the trays as decorative elements. Set e.g. the icing on the cake with candlesticks, vases or a nice table lamp . The trays from our range can easily stand alone, but they also work excellently with other home interiors .