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Is there really anything cozier than candles in the form of candles? It should then just be hand-dipped candles. At MADE ByChrillesen, we sell hand-dipped candles in several shades. Our selection of candles for everyday and party consists of both chandeliers and candlesticks, block candles and scented candles - all in beautiful colors.

Whether you're into the tall and slender candles or the slightly thicker candles, we can assist. You can even buy candles that smell wonderful - here we are of course referring to our scented candles. Explore our selection and get inspired.

Candlelight for the home

Candlelight for the home is a sure winner when the goal is to screw up the coziness, the homely feeling and the relaxing atmosphere. Candles have a magical ability to create warmth and presence, and therefore there is hardly a Danish home where candles are not used to a greater or lesser extent.

The candles are e.g. helps to create the perfect atmosphere in the living room when enjoying movies and snacks, in the dining room during the romantic dinner or in the bedroom when you need to relax after a long day at work.

Candles for everyday life

In our range you will find lots of decorative candles for everyday use that can not only create warmth and presence at the dining table, but also in the living room, in the bathroom, in the bedroom and everywhere else in the home for that matter.

To complete the cozy atmosphere, it will be obvious to buy candlesticks or decorative trays that fit in size and style. Here we would like to refer to a closer look at our selection of candlesticks , trays and large trays . If you are also of the opinion that candles are something you just can not get enough of, then shop candles at MADE ByChrillesen and look forward to experiencing our hand-dipped candles at home by yourself. The hand-dipped candles are also an excellent gift idea.

Candles for the festive occasion

Candles are difficult to do without in everyday life, but our candles are not only suitable for everyday use. It is also obvious to make use of candles for the more festive occasions. It can e.g. be that you have invited to a birthday, Easter dinner, Christmas lunch, anniversary or something completely fifth. Whatever the occasion, it is possible to set the perfect mood by using candles.

Our block candles and chandeliers come in a world of beautiful colors, which is why they will definitely be able to spice up the dinner table a bit.

Block candles, chandeliers, candlesticks and scented candles

As we have already briefly mentioned, we sell both block candles , scented candles , chandeliers and candlesticks. Of course, one type of candle does not need to exclude the other, but you can advantageously consider what you are most into.

Our chandelier is dipped in colored wax and fits many of our fine candlesticks. The chandeliers are very elegant in expression. If you want a thicker candle, with an associated longer burning time, then it is our block candle that needs to be looked at more closely. These are available, like our other candles, in many fine shades.

Finally, we have our scented candles, which are not only decorative, but also offer a really wonderful scent. So here you get some candles that speak to several senses.