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Findes der i virkeligheden noget bedre end levende stearinlys til at skabe hyggelig stemning i hjemmet? Det skulle da lige være hånddyppede stearinlys i høj kvalitet med lang brændetid. Hos ByChrillesen forhandler vi netop flere varianter af hånddyppede stearinlys i vores farve assorteret udvalg.

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Candles - Confetti mixCandles - Confetti mix
Candles - Confetti mix Sale price35,00 kr
Candle - Orange with dots
Candle - Orange with dots Sale price35,00 kr
Candles - PinkCandles - Pink
Candles - Pink Sale price35,00 kr
Candles - Pink
Candles - Pink Sale price35,00 kr
Candle - Orange, pink with dots
Candles - Pink
Candles - Pink Sale price35,00 kr
Candles - PinkCandles - Pink
Candles - Pink Sale price35,00 kr
Candles - Pink
Candles - Pink Sale price35,00 kr
Candles - Lime and beige
Candles - Lime and beige Sale price35,00 kr
Candle - Mint and pink
Candle - Mint and pink Sale price35,00 kr
Candle - Orange marble
Candle - Orange marble Sale price35,00 kr
Candles - Glue with dots
Candles - Glue with dots Sale price35,00 kr


Living light for the home

Our large selection of candles for table setting, decoration, decoration, furnishing or lighting consists of both block candles, scented candles, crown candles and candle holders - in all the colors of the rainbow.

Whether you are into the tall and slim candles made of real wax or the slightly thicker colored candles, we can assist. You can even buy candles that smell wonderful in Danish homes - here we refer to our scented candles, which create an aromatic and lovely atmosphere.

Good-quality candles are the obvious choice as a supplement to your home interior when the goal is to increase coziness, the homely feeling and the relaxing atmosphere. Lights have the ability to create warmth, coziness, presence and a good atmosphere, and there is hardly a Danish home where you don't choose to light candles - especially in the dark months.

New candles are e.g. helping to create just the right atmosphere in the living room when enjoying movies and snacks, in the dining room or on the terrace in connection with the romantic dinner or in the bedroom when you need to relax after a long day at work.

Candles for everyday use

In our range you will not find artificial candles or LED lights with a moving flame and energy source battery. On the other hand, you will find plenty of modern candles for everyday use that can not only create warmth, coziness, personality and presence at the dining table, but also in the living room, bathroom, bedroom and everywhere else in the home for that matter.

To complete the cozy atmosphere, it will be obvious to buy useful art and decoration for the interior, such as candlesticks or decorative trays that match in size and style. Here we would like to refer you to explore our selection of candlesticks, mussel bowls and round trays .

If you are also of the opinion that candles are something you just can't get enough of, then shop for candles at ByChrillesen and look forward to experiencing our hand-dipped candles in different colors in your own home. All types of candles are excellent as hostess gifts.

Candles for the festive occasion

Candles are hard to do without in everyday life, but our real candle candles are not only suitable for everyday use. It is also obvious to make use of the lights for the more festive occasions. It can, for example, be that you have invited your family to a birthday, Easter dinner, Christmas lunch, anniversary or something completely different. Regardless of the occasion, it is possible to set the right mood by using candles.

Our crown candles come in a world of different colors and different sizes, which is why they will certainly be able to liven up the dinner table a bit.

Crown light

Our crown candles are dipped in colored candle wax and match many of our candle holders and candle holders. This type of light is very elegant in expression. If you want a thicker candle, with an associated longer burning time, then it is our block candles that should be looked at more closely. These are available, like our other candles, in many fine color shades.