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LUXURY Create at Home Kit - Jewelry bowls

Sale price550,00 kr

This luxury kit contains Premium silicone mold in high quality and durability - Guaranteed for over 1000 castings. Designed so that it is easy to make casts, and elastic so that it is easy to get the cast out of the mold.

Experience the art of molding in your own home with our LUXURY Create at Home Kit - the ultimate kit for creative souls who go for quality. Our LUXURY kit allows you to explore your creativity without limitations and at the best price on the market!

With our LUXURY Create at Home Kit, you get everything you need to start casting in no time. Everything is included to ensure your projects come to life without any hassle.

With our affordable price, we make it possible for everyone to dive into the world of creativity. Whether you're an experienced or a beginner, our LUXURY Create at Home Kit is the ideal choice to bring your creative visions to life without breaking the budget.

What is included in the set:

  • 2 x LUXURY QUALITY silicone mold
  • 2 x stirring sticks
  • 2 x disposable cups
  • Sandpaper in grain 100 & 400
  • Pigments; red, yellow and blue, so you can mix all the colors yourself
  • EXTRA PIGMENTS; black and white
  • Material to make as many as 10 bowls/trays
  • Easy and understandable instructions in Danish