Inspiration & gift ideas

Do you lack ideas for how our products can be used? So we have collected a lot of inspiration here. The only limit is the imagination, and there is no one right way to use our products. If you need even more inspiration after looking here, jump over to our instagram, where in the highlights you can see even more good ideas from all our wonderful customers.

  • Keep track of makeup and hair gizmos with our oval trays. The tray here has fine gold flakes that give it a really exclusive look.

  • Our nice little glass coasters can also easily be used as a cute little detail on the bedside table. Here you can safely store your rings or earrings.

  • How about using the small oval trays for your glasses? Then they are stored with style and grace when you are not using them. See all the beautiful oval trays HERE

Potty hiders

A beautiful pot holder with gray marble and a matching candle holder. The pot hider here has a drainage hole in the bottom so you can safely water your plants, so you don't have to worry about overwatering. In addition, the saucer just gives an insanely nice finish that just highlights the beautiful potty hider even more.

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  • Our small potty hiders can be used in the bathroom, e.g. to keep track of cotton swabs and swabs.

  • Our sweet stars can be used for more than just decorating the children's room. Use them as decorations on the bedside table.

  • The large oval trays should probably help you keep things in order. See the selection HERE

Many different hills

An oval decoration tray with beautiful pastel colours. Put it on the bedside table, and you always have a good place to put your lip balm, jewelery or hairpins.

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