Collection: Flowerpots

A flowerpot from MADE ByChrillesen is not just a flower pot cover for your plants. Pot concealers can also be used to organize your hair styling products in the bathroom, to keep track of all your office supplies, or to be used to assemble your make-up brushes.

Our decorative and practical pot covers are also treated with a protective layer, which is resistant to water and dirt.

Handmade pot holders in beautiful designs

If you dream of a greener home, let nature in and decorate your home with flowers and plants. Flowers and plants affect both the mood and the scent of the home, and when the potted plants are brought into play, the finishing touch is added. The decor suddenly becomes more authentic, personal and cozy. Just as plants and flowers are indispensable in the home, so potted plants are also difficult to do without.

Therefore, our selection of handmade home interiors of course also consists of pot holders in many colors and sizes. We offer both solid color pot holders as well as more colorful with terrazzo or choose your pot holder with our beautiful marble look.

Pot cover for plants

Plants and potted plants are a bit like Yin and Yang - the parts just work best together. Pot hides serve a practical purpose, but it is no secret that pot hides are also decorative and can help create a more personal style. Therefore, it makes sense to choose its potted plants for plants carefully.

Your plants deserve the most beautiful potted hides, which is why we have made an effort to create beautiful potted hides that contribute to a more authentic home decor.

Pot cover for storage

Of course, we can offer a beautiful pot cover with many features that can be used not only for your plants and flowers, but also for storage. You can e.g. Use your pot cover to store herbs, toys, writing utensils, yarn or something completely different. There are almost no limits to what you can store in a flowerpot cover, so let your imagination run free.

Most of our pot holders have a size that allows them to stand in many places in the home. They can stand on the floor, but can also easily be used for decoration and storage on a shelf, on the desk, in the window sill, etc.

Potty cover for bathroom and bedroom

If you want to present your flowers and plants in a beautiful and elegant way in the bathroom or in the bedroom, then do not deceive yourself to take a look at our potted hides. Pot holders can be used in any room of the home, and the bathroom and bedroom are no exceptions. Note, however, that not all flowers and plants thrive in a damp and dark bathroom. In the bathroom and in the bedroom you will also be able to use your pot cover for storage.

Pot concealers are very suitable for organizing office tools, jewelry and various trinkets. If you lack more order in your things, and at the same time you want to make your decor more authentic, then a pot cover may be the answer. Whether it should be a small or large pot cover in this connection depends on your preferences - we of course offer both.

Our pot holders can only work in the interior, but can also be supplemented by other handmade home interiors such as. slopes , large slopes and table protectors .