Collection: Gift card

A gift card for MADE ByChrillesen is the ultimate gift idea. With the gift card in hand, the lucky recipient has the opportunity to pamper themselves with handmade home interiors .

The perfect gift for the birthday, anniversary, hostess etc.

Are you therefore looking for the perfect gift for someone you care about? So choose the safe solution; a gift card for our webshop. Are you going to attend a birthday, an anniversary or a completely third festive event and would you like to please the host or hostess? In that case, you will never be able to go wrong in the city by giving the person a gift card to

Whether the gift budget is DKK 100, 500 or 1,500, you can order a gift card that matches this budget. Simply enter the desired amount and order the gift card.

The gift card will be delivered to you by mail. From here you can choose to print it out or forward it to the recipient by mail. Regardless of whether you choose to give the gift card physically or digitally, you can be sure that the gift will go down well with the recipient.

The recipient is free to choose from our many handmade products

A gift card for our webshop at MADE ByChrillesen naturally gives access to our entire selection. This means that the recipient will be able to choose from a whole world of handmade products.

The gift card can, for example, can be used on trays , pot holders , vases , lamps or something completely different. These are all products that will look good in any home.

The recipient can also easily enter the code for the gift card in the checkout phase. The code must simply be entered in the Gift card or discount code field.

No deadline

Our gift card has no time limit, which is why the lucky recipient has plenty of time to consider what he or she wants to use the gift card for.