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Alle vores vaser er håndlavede, minimalistiske og dekorative på én og samme tid. Brug dem til alt fra en enkelt blomst til farvestråelende blomster eller evighedsbuketter for at skabe det udtryk på bordet, der passer til det enkelte rum. Mulighederne er mange.

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All our vases are handmade, minimalist and decorative at the same time. Use them for everything from a single flower to colorful flowers or eternal bouquets to create the expression on the table that suits the individual room. The possibilities are many.

Vases mean a lot to your interior design and home decoration, as they are in themselves beautiful and decorative. You can put fresh flowers or eternal bouquets in your vase depending on your mood - and to create just the right mood and atmosphere in your home. With small vases, you can easily bring nature into the home, so that it will hum with life.

A vase from ByChrillesen is made in different shapes and in different materials, including terrazzo and Jesmonite. It creates different expressions that combine the minimalist with the decorative. The vases are suitable for all kinds of large bouquets, and they are available in many different colours.


At ByChrillesen, we design and manufacture our vases ourselves, regardless of whether they are small or large vases. The vases are cast and hand-ground, and there may therefore be deviations in color and patterns as well as small air bubbles and other imperfections. This is completely on purpose - and we embrace that, as the details help make our hero unique.

Plants and flowers create atmosphere and give your home personality, regardless of whether you place them on your dining table in the living room, on a shelf in the bathroom or on the shelf in the office. Our various vases are suitable for all rooms and purposes, and they can either stand alone or step into the background in favor of a colorful bouquet or a lush flower.


It requires more than the right colors on the walls and the right furniture when you have to furnish an atmospheric and idyllic home that exudes cosiness. It requires you to choose the right home interior , which matches your personality and style - and the same applies to the vases, plants and flowers you have in your home.

The flowers in particular do something to your home. They create a beautiful play of colors, smell fantastic and make your home ooze with good vibes. However, this requires that you place the bouquet in the right type of vase. All our vases are decorative, so you don't need to fill them with flowers to give your home personality.

A vase from ByChrillesen is a work of art that fits into all types of interior design and decoration. Whether you're into minimalist, decorative or somewhere in between, you can find a handmade vase to match the decor. All vases are unique, and you will find both small and large vases.

If you are looking for other useful art and decorations for the home, remember that we also have a wide selection of e.g. decorative trays , round trays and rustic candlesticks .


The living room is the place where you stay most of the time when you are at home. It is therefore important that your living room exudes personality. Here you can advantageously decorate with beautiful plants and flowers in decorative vases. Our vases are suitable for both brightly colored bouquets and individual bare branches that let the vase speak for itself.

The vases are designed to suit any home. The minimalist design creates in interaction with the beautiful terrazzo a creative expression that never gets boring.


Who says a vase doesn't belong in the bathroom? At least not us. With our beautiful vases you can create just the right atmosphere in the bathroom. In fact, in our view, the bathroom is one of the places in the home where plants, flowers and branches have the greatest right. There should be a buzz of coziness and atmosphere here.

Vases with flowers and plants in the bathroom create personality and at the same time contribute to a good indoor climate. Depending on which plant you place in your bathroom, you can achieve a completely new expression with your vase. The vases from ByChrillesen, with their simple expression, do not make the big creature out of themselves, but nevertheless they attract attention and complete the room.


The office must inspire and provide space for contemplation - and this places demands on the indoor climate. This applies regardless of whether it is the home office or a larger office that houses many employees. When you need to create a good indoor climate in the office, vases, plants and flowers are indispensable. At the same time, they create atmosphere and make the room more alive.

Our vases are particularly suitable for offices. Both big and small. Your home office, which exclusively houses you, and the larger offices, which house many employees. Combine different colors and shapes so that you achieve a completely unique expression that helps to make the office interior more exciting, inspiring and more alive.