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Molly stand - Classic pastel

Sale price180,00 kr

Original design by MADE ByChrillesen. The candlestick is 100% original design, it was designed, developed and produced by us. With its straight lines and at the same time round shapes, the stand is perfect for creating coziness at the dinner table. Among other things, the candlestick is designed on the basis that it should not take up too much space on a nice and covered table, therefore it goes up in height so that you can enjoy the beautiful design. Feel free to mix the candlestick with one or two, to create a unique and vibrant expression.

  • The product is 100% handmade from us to you
  • Original MADE ByChrillesen design
  • We use low-energy production
  • We use Jesmonite, which is a casting material without chemicals

Height 7 cm
Width 5 cm at its widest

Molly stand - Classic pastel
Molly stand - Classic pastel Sale price180,00 kr